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“The blades that permanently changed the industry” are manufactured by A.N. Designs Inc., one of the first companies to use compound angles in the blade design of windshield removal tools. The purpose of this design is to give the blade sharper angles, making it easier for technicians to find “the sweet spot” during cutting which minimizes time and maximizes precision in the windshield removal process. Made from high-quality steel, our windshield removal blades are put through a special coining process that thins the metal. They are then heat-treated to meet our high standards.

But our innovation doesn't stop with windshield blade design. Our engineers at UltraWiz® are continually creating and improving all of the tools windshield removal technicians need in their arsenal. Our Quick Release Long Knives allow you to change blades without tools and our Patented Lever Knives combine comfort and gripping power with unlimited adjustments and easy blade changes.  Now we add the new UltraReach Cold Knife that adds extra reach, cutting flexibility and no cable pull.

The simplistic beginning of UltraWiz® started with a request from a local glass shop owner. Founder Al Nilsson was asked to create a strong, long lasting cold knife blade. Through experimentation and research, Nilsson created a resilient and long lasting blade that became the foundation of our company. More than thirty years later, our mission of responding to customer needs and creating quality windshield removal products to meet those needs, remains key to our success. Our diverse product line upholds these important values, has become a signature line throughout the industry and is 100% made in the U.S.A.

We invite you to contact us to share your thoughts and needs for windshield removal tools or for information on becoming an authorized UltraWiz® distributor.

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