UltraWiz Tools
Radius Serrated Blades

For years, auto glass technicians have been grinding their blades to create a smooth radius on the back.  While it makes for easier cuts by reducing resistance, it can also weaken the blade two ways if done incorrectly. What we've done is create the conical shape with our specially designed machines before the heat treatment process, providing both excellent performance and strength which saves technicians valuable time and ultimately money. Then we added this radius grind to our unique serration design with its small, leading edge points that pierce the urethane for an easier pull during starting and cutting. The combination of our thin radius design and unique serrations provides less cutting resistance than any other blade in the industry.

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6991-M UltraWiz® Standard Radius Serrated Blade

5 per Tube
3/4" Cut Length
Use to precut urethane
Also use for narrow urethane beads


6992-M UltraWiz® Long Radius Serrated Blade

5 per Tube
1" Cut Length
Our most popular cut length
Use for cutting most urethane beads


6994-M UltraWiz® XL Radius Serrated Blade

5 per box
1 1/2" Cut Length
Use for wider urethane beads and corners
Works best when precut with our Standard Blade

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