UltraWiz Tools

The UltraWiz® Patented Lever Knives are made from high quality aluminum. Our handles are ergonomically shaped to provide comfort and gripping power. The unique lever action design allows for unlimited adjustments and easy blade changes. Choose these knives for quick, easy and fully adjustable blade changes. The inline pull cable has a heavy-duty eyelet for added strength along with a foam-covered grip for comfort. There are two lever knife kit sizes to choose from, both designed using OSHA's Ergonomic Guidelines for Selecting Hand Tools.
Patent No.7,596,871

Lever Knives

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3007-K UltraWiz® Lever Knife Kit

Quick release by lifting lever for unlimited blade adjustments and changing without the use of tools.

May be used for easy "blade chasing".

Kit includes 1002-M Long Blade.


3008-K UltraWiz® Lever Knife Kit

The 3008-K has been slimmed down for a new feel and fit in your hand.

Weighing only 12 ounces, this new version of the Lever Knife is similar in diameter to a Standard cold knife.

Kit includes 1002-M Long Blade.

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