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UltraWiz® is proud to announce the complete redesign of our UltraReach® Cold Knife (Part Number: 3055-K). The new knife has been strengthened in all areas with thicker material as well as material type changes in critical areas. Now available through our distributors!

The redesigned UltraReach Cold Knife enables four separate positions for maximum variability and safety while cutting. While the 9-inch collapsed position is ideal for precision cutting, it expands to 12" in the fully extended position, allowing for extra reach and confident cutting in any position. The two center positions offer separate 45° rear handle adjustments both clockwise and counterclockwise for comfort and flexibility during cutting. Just loosen the thumbscrews to change position. Ball plungers allow solid, positive locking in each position as well as easy blade changes. The coated 1" thick handles provide both comfort and paint protection. Constructed of high-quality materials, the UltraReach Cold Knife feels like it's made in the U.S.A. because it is. Includes 1 – 1002M blade.

Check out this independent video by the YouTube channel AUTO GLASS DIRECT.

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UltraWiz® UltraReach Cold Knife


  • Collapsible to 9" length / Extendable to 12" for extra reach
  • Rigid construction in any position for confident cutting.
  • Just loosen the twin thumbscrews to change positions.
  • Two separated angled positions in the center which allow 45 degree clockwise or counter clockwise angles for rear handle adjustment for comfort and flexibility.
  • Ball plungers for multiple positions and easy blade changes.
  • Coated 1" handles for comfort and paint protection.
  • One-handed operation that can add inches to your reach.

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